mck-/Open-VRP 277

Open-source framework for modeling Vehicle Routing Problems.

mck-/T3 63

Multiplayer Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe on AngularFire

mck-/heroku-cl-example 34

Example use of Heroku Common Lisp Buildpack

mck-/oneliner 26

Extracts a one-liner from a piece of text.

mck-/hunch 6

Boilerplate API-only server on Hunchentoot

mck-/hw2_rottenpotatoes 3

RottenPotatoes version for starting HW 2 part (b)

devinmcinnis/todo-angular 1

Small todo app based off of angular-seed

aznick/sicp 0

Working through SICP

EricLin2004/GGJ 0

Global Game Jam 2014

mck-/ 0

This is the official repo for the CascadiaJS 2013 conference.