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maxdec/jukebox 25

A collaborative Jukebox built with Node.js and React

maxdec/radioslack 18

This is a collaborative jukebox for Slack built with Elixir.

maxdec/majordomo 1

Slack Bot

maxdec/absinthe 0

GraphQL for Elixir

maxdec/blob 0

Game dev with Dartlang

maxdec/cellar 0

Cellar management webapp, written in Elixir (Phoenix) and JS (React) and using GraphQL

maxdec/cloudwatch-mon-scripts-python 0

Linux monitoring scripts for CloudWatch

maxdec/dotfiles 0

.dotfiles: my config files

maxdec/ec2list 0

Terminal application that displays your AWS EC2 instances and more

maxdec/foursquare2 0

Ruby wrapper for the foursquare v2 api


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