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jivesoftware/jive-derby 3

Jive Derby is an open-source project combining IoT, Legos, Pinewood Derby and Jive!

matanshukry/Blender-Flowmap-Tools 2

Blender addon that adds support for creating 2D vector fields/flowmaps that can be exported as image files.

matanshukry/AshamaneCore 1

AshamaneCore Open Source MMO Framework (master =, bfa =, legion =

matanshukry/flutter_google_places_sdk 1

Flutter plugin for google places native sdk

matanshukry/awesome_notifications 0

A complete solution to create Local Notifications and Push Notifications, throught Firebase or another services, using Flutter.

matanshukry/bootstrap-rtl 0

RTL Theme for Bootstrap v3.x

matanshukry/card_settings 0

A flutter package for building card based forms. NOTE: We are looking for additional contributors to help develop this further.

fork holydeew/TrinityCore

TrinityCore Open Source MMO Framework (master =, 3.3.5 = 3.3.5a.12340)

fork in 16 days