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marval/api-testing 0

A simple app to test the functionality of Ingenium's API

marval/diypowerflow 0

DIY Powerflow

marval/docker-voltronic-homeassistant 0

Programmatically read data from your Voltronic, Axpert, Mppsolar PIP, Voltacon, Effekta etc Inverter and send it to Home Assistant via MQTT - Works with RS232 & USB!

marval/Dynamics-AX-Integration 0

Dynamics AX Integration samples and demos.

marval/finitefield 0

Finite field arithmetic in Ruby

marval/kuittiskanneri 0

Receipt Scanner [AngularJS Flask OpenCV]

marval/melcloud-mqtt 0

A npm package extracting data from Mitsubishi heatpump to MQTT (and other systems)

marval/ng-canvasArea 0

AngularJS directive for marking an area on an image using canvas

marval/ng-client 0

angular client that uses JWT for authentication and Bamfstore for handling data

marval/node-canvas 0

Node canvas is a Cairo backed Canvas implementation for NodeJS.


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created repositoryjoeeames/test12

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created repositoryjoeeames/tdd-workshop

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created repositoryjoeeames/ng-conf-TDD-workshop

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created repositoryBeyondCodeBootcamp/html-resume

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fork coolaj86/vscode-shellcheck

An extension to use shellcheck linter in vscode

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created repositorytherootcompany/greenlock.js

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created repositorytherootcompany/acme.js

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fork trek/tiktok-scraper

TikTok Scraper. Download video posts, collect user/trend/hashtag/music feed metadata, sign URL and etc.

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created repositoryBeyondCodeBootcamp/student-blog

Intentional Markdown blog template - Lightweight, yet Sophisticated.

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fork coolaj86/sh

A shell parser, formatter, and interpreter with bash support; includes shfmt

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fork coolaj86/vim-lastplace

Intelligently reopen files at your last edit position in Vim.

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created repositoryteam-reflect/phone-regex-ts

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