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Marc DeSantis marcDeSantis Ferguson, MO

marcDeSantis/MetroSTEM2016 3

Help get started with the 2016 Hackathon

Dzokej/testing 0


marcDeSantis/autopilot 0

cf plugin for hands-off, zero downtime application deploys

marcDeSantis/cf-release 0

Cloud Foundry Release

marcDeSantis/flyway 0

Flyway • Database Migrations Made Easy.

marcDeSantis/fountain_metro 0

Example web app to help get started

marcDeSantis/github-clubhouse-importer 0

Import your Github Issues into Clubhouse Stories

PR opened wiredimpact/wired-impact-volunteer-management

Update the Volunteer Management block Toolbar component to contain a …

…label prop, and use ToolbarButton components for choosing which opportunity type to show.

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