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mandrav/moai_pex_editor 5

A PEX particle system editor for MOAI

mandrav/android_packages_apps_Contacts 2

Android Contacts application

mandrav/bCNC 1

GRBL CNC command sender, autoleveler and g-code editor

mandrav/Android-TV-Launcher 0

An Android Launcher specifically designed for use on the tv. Great for devices like the Geniatech Android TV.

mandrav/Delta-Bed-Calibration-Tool 0

This repository is set for the bed leveling calibration tool that I made for delta 3d printers.

mandrav/docker-spotweb 0

A docker image running ubuntu/20.04 Linux and Spotweb

mandrav/DUE-RADDS-GLCD 0

Setup for DUE with RADDS and Graphical LCD

mandrav/fresh 0

Build and (re)start go web apps after saving/creating/deleting source files.

mandrav/Hanappe 0

Hanappe is a game framework for MOAI SDK.

mandrav/moai-dev 0

This is the development repo of Moai SDK. Current, but not necessarily tested or stable.


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