Mathias Merscher madddi Dembach-Goo Informatik Cologne

paulfantom/ansible-restic 21

Deploy restic backup program

dembaca/terraform-provider-ad 0

Automates the Active Directory resource creation during Infrastructure build using Terraform Provider.

dg-i/garethr-docker 0

Puppet module for managing docker

dg-i/golja-influxdb 0

Puppet module for InfluxDB

dg-i/puppet-consul_template 0

A Puppet module to manage the config and jobs of Consul Template from Hashicorp

madddi/ansible-modules-extras 0

Ansible extra modules - these modules ship with ansible

madddi/ansible-restic 0

Deploy restic backup program

madddi/ansible-role-gitea 0

Ansible Roie - Gitea

madddi/go-vnc 0

VNC client and server library for Go.

madddi/helm-charts 0

Curated applications for Kubernetes


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