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McFateM/dlad-blog 1

The GC Digital Library Application Developer's blog in Hugo using theme Zzo

SummittDweller/compass-rose-band 1

Mark's 22-Nov-2019 restart of the Compass Rose Band site in Hugo

DigitalGrinnell/icg_web_test 0

A Docker container to simplify writing Selenium Python tests. It uses Firefox as the driver.

GrinnellCollege-Private/vaf 0

An Adventure with Hugo for the "Visualizing Abolition & Freedom" Project

mackengm/hugo-artists-theme 0

Port of Travis Neilson's (DevTips) awesome Artists Theme to Hugo

mackengm/hugo-theme-doors 0

🚪Single page theme for links to your works

mackengm/hw-ruby-intro 0

Ruby Introduction Assignment for Agile Development using Ruby on Rails