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The jump statement (goto:xxx) and the defined variable (variable := "helloworld") seem to conflict

You should probably run that code through gofmt.


On 10/7/19, MonsterYJJ wrote:



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issue commentgolang/go

x/tools/go/gcexportdata: 'undefined: gcimporter.IExportData'

On 10/4/19, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:

The problem is that x/tools/go/internal/gcimporter/iexport.go has a go1.11 build tag, and nothing else defines IExportData. While technically we only support the last two Go releases, it would be nice to support the 1.10 release if it's easy. From a quick test it looks like we could simply change the call to Embedded to call Anonymous instead. Embedded is the new name, Anonymous is the backward compatible name.

I came up against that this very morning, trying to build godoc.

I support any effort to keep this going a bit longer, if it is not a major hurdle.



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issue commentgolang/go

proposal: create a package `runes` with functionality similar to `bytes` to work with rune slices

On 9/16/19, Burak Serdar wrote:

This would not be necessary once (if) generics are implemented.

You could also claim (I do) that if something like this came along, there would be less justification for "generics".

Frankly, generics require a much shallower boundary between intrinsic and user-defined objects or, perhaps more usefully, but much more difficult to do right, a much richer "type" mechanism with open-ended attributes.

Go with generics then becomes either a beautiful academic artifact or a Frankenstein monster of a language. Guess which is more likely to happen first.

Incidentally, even knowing that the Go Team's efforts put the integrity of the language very high on the list of objectives, it is still quite revealing that there is no "Go with Generics" in the wild, whether to be disparaged or to be revered.



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