Christopher Liscio liscio SuperMegaUltraGroovy, Inc. Waterloo, ON

liscio/FunctionalDSP 95

An exploration of functional DSP programming ideas in Swift

liscio/SMUGMath-Swift 85

SMUGMath as realized in Swift

liscio/CollectionThing 53

Scroll fast using pure SwiftUI

liscio/SubFrameworks 27

A really, really dumb Xcode/LLVM/clang bug…

liscio/CAPlayThrough 11

A software playthrough implementation. Just like Apple's sample code, except it works!

liscio/fft 8

Simple FFT implementation for Mike Ash's NSBlog()

liscio/ConcurrentTest 2

Using ReactiveSwift with concurrent operations

liscio/Rex 1

ReactiveCocoa Extensions

liscio/RubyTestLCD 1

Simple MacRuby app that displays full-screen colors


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