larsmans/lucene-stanford-lemmatizer 48

A library that adds some NLP capabilities to the Lucene search engine

larsmans/nerd 8

Named Entity Recognizer for Dutch

jakevdp/ECML_PKDD_2013 2

Paper by scikit-learn contributers for ECML/PKDD 2013 conference

larsmans/brat 2

brat rapid annotation tool (brat) - for all your textual annotation needs

larsmans/dbxml-debian 2

If you need DB XML for Ubuntu, head over to instead.

larsmans/ilps-hashing-trick 2

Slides for a talk about feature hashing/the hashing trick/hash kernels

larsmans/nltk 2

NLTK Source

larsmans/astroML 1

Machine learning, statistics, and data mining for astronomy and astrophysics

larsmans/cython 1

A Python to C compiler

larsmans/cytoolz 1

Cython implementation of Toolz: High performance functional utilities