László Bácsi lackac @100Starlings Gárdony, Hungary

lackac/app_lego 111

A collection of Rails templates I use for projects

lackac/callout 8

Notification Services for Javascript in Firefox (Growl, and alike)

lackac/budapestrb-blog 7

budapest.rb blog

lackac/clippy 3

Clippy is a very simple Flash widget that makes it possible to place arbitrary text onto the client's clipboard via ***html element id***,and more

lackac/av_controls 2

The AV Controls Firefox extension detects if you have HTML5 Audio or Video in a page and activates global visual and/or keyboard controls for it.

lackac/basilico 2

Basilico is an event handling framework for the Mac OS X Pomodoro application

lackac/cookbooks 2

Chef cookbooks organized following the Headless Branches pattern.

lackac/dotfiles 2

My dotfiles managed by rcm

FiatalokJezusertKonferencia/ 1

website source for

lackac/ack-tmbundle 1

"Ack in Project" TextMate bundle