Toland Hon krunk4ever Airbnb San Francisco, CA

krunk4ever/video-js 1

Universal video embed.

rdj/ota 1

Create static files for hosting OTA on S3 simple site

krunk4ever/.emacs.d 0

My emacs config, tweaked for Emacs 24 with package.el

krunk4ever/apidocs 0

API docs

krunk4ever/braintree_android 0

Braintree SDK for Android

krunk4ever/campfire-plugin 0

Jenkins campfire plugin

krunk4ever/CHCSVParser 0

A proper CSV parser for Objective-C

krunk4ever/jQuery-Mask-Plugin 0

A jQuery Plugin to make masks on form fields and HTML elements.

krunk4ever/NSAttributedString-CCLFormat 0

Attributed string extension for creating attributed strings from a format string.