A tiling window manager for macOS based on binary space partitioning



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Hide window titlebar/trafficlights hot 22
3+ column/row bsp layout hot 18
Ability to switch spaces/desktop via yabai? hot 16
Scripting Additions not working - yabai hot 12
Configuring the bar hot 10
failed to connect to socket after reboot - yabai hot 7
Floating the System preferences window? hot 6
Moving between spaces, across monitors, does not work as intended hot 6
Resize window like i3 but not saparate command. hot 6
Disable rounded borders? hot 6
Is it possible to disable yabai in specific space? hot 6
scripting-addition payload is outdated hot 6
Can we query the window-name of the current focused window?
Tiling rules should be able to target roles/subroles
Yabai seems to partially stop working after upgrading to Big Sur

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