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Yusuke Kita kitasuke 10X Tokyo, Japan Software Engineer

kitasuke/PagingMenuController 2475

Paging view controller with customizable menu in Swift

kitasuke/GoogleMaterialIconFont 146

Google Material Design Icons for Swift and ObjC project

kitasuke/monkey-go 84

"Writing An Interpreter in Go" and "Wring A Compiler in Go"

kitasuke/Cardio 79

Simple HealthKit wrapper for workout in watchOS 2

kitasuke/IBOutletRewriter 73

@IBOutlet code formatter using SwiftSyntax

kitasuke/MVVMLint 24

linter tool for data flow in MVVM

kitasuke/monkey-swift 21

"Writing An Interpreter in Go" and "Wring A Compiler in Go" in Swift

kitasuke/GithubCLI.swift 15

Command line tool for Github in Swift

kitasuke/Cloud-Functions-in-Go 2

Sample projects from this book