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kbl4ew/Python_For_Data_Science 2

The repository contains practice material and homework solutions for AY250 (Berkeley)

guang/goleetcode 0

Trynna learn some golang by doing leetcode problems

kbl4ew/100days 0

100 days of algorithms

kbl4ew/Algorithms 0

Homework and Tutorials on Coursera Course - Algorithms: Design and Analysis Part 1

kbl4ew/AY-250-Fall2016 0

This is where I will keep all my homework for AY250 in Fall 2016

kbl4ew/CS294-Design-and-Analysis-of-Deep-Neural-Networks 0

My homework solutions for Berkeley's CS294

kbl4ew/Data-X 0

My work on developing a course for Data-X

kbl4ew/IEOR_Lunch_and_Learn 0

This repository contains slides and ipython notebooks covered in Berkeley's IEOR Graduate Student Lunch and Learn Sessions

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