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k-a-r-g/MDMA 28

Multi Duty MIDI Aid

k-a-r-g/usb_midi 4

not a full implementation of the MIDI over USB library for the Arduino/Teensy, but add-ons for additional functionality

k-a-r-g/MidiboxBLM 1

Custom firmware that turns the Novation Launchpad Pro into a BLM for the Midibox Seq

k-a-r-g/mios32 1


k-a-r-g/Mopho-Morphosis 1

Extensions for the DSI Mopho

k-a-r-g/AcidRandomizer 0

Turn your arduino into a random-based acid sequencer

k-a-r-g/Chords 0

Arduino library to analyse and generate chords

k-a-r-g/cores 0

Teensy Core Libraries for Arduino

k-a-r-g/ESP8266_SSD1322 0

Arduino library for 256x64 OLED ER-OLED032-1 (SSD1322 driver)

k-a-r-g/GhzWarrior 0

Continuing the development of the Digital Warrior by Thomash Ghz

created repositoryPaulStoffregen/MyFault

created time in 16 hours

release PaulStoffregen/Time


released time in 4 days

created repositoryPaulStoffregen/Arduino-1.8.15-Teensyduino

created time in a month

created repositoryPaulStoffregen/Arduino-1.8.14-Teensyduino

created time in a month


started time in 2 months

fork PaulStoffregen/TMM-HB01B0-Camera

Supports Teensy MicroMod Machine Learning Carrier Board with the HB01B0 Camera

fork in 3 months