Julian Vergel de Dios jvergeldedios @blockhq Los Angeles, CA World's okayest programmer

ksylvest/jquery-gridly 847

Gridly is a jQuery plugin to enable dragging and dropping as well as resizing on a grid.

jvergeldedios/android-async-http 1

An Asynchronous HTTP Library for Android

jvergeldedios/GameMaster 1

An Android app to help run tabletop games.

jvergeldedios/gvis 1

Rails plugin for easy embedding charts with Google Visualization API

wink/kontagent 1

This is the standalone library for accessing Kontagent REST API, it is completely independent from any framework

dantreiman/moneyclip 0

MoneyClip (hackathon project)

jvergeldedios/ark 0

Packages code for the browser as Node modules.

jvergeldedios/docker-build-with-cache-action 0

Build your docker images, caching each stage to improve building times