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jricks92/EchoServerSwift 1

Conversion of EchoServer example from GCDAsyncSocket to Swift 3.0, mostly for my own learning

1Strategy/centralized-cloudtrail-logging 0

CloudFormation templates to simplify the configuration of a centralized CloudTrail logging account and allowing other accounts access.

jricks92/audiojs 0

A cross-browser javascript wrapper for the html5 audio tag

jricks92/fargatespawner 0

Spawns JupyterHub single user servers in Docker containers running in AWS Fargate

jricks92/ownphotos-backend 0

Self hosted Google Photos clone

jricks92/python-port-scanner 0

A Simple Python Port Scanner with Traceroute

created repositoryosiris-project/dmx-lighting-interface

created time in 23 days

created repositoryosiris-project/crispy-lighting

An integrated lighting solution for the Space Center

created time in 3 months