airbnb/ResilientDecoding 487

This package makes your Decodable types resilient to decoding errors and allows you to inspect those errors.

jqsilver/boxes 0

generating and evaluating solutions to the 100 prisoners problem

jqsilver/challenge 0

24 challenge in swift

jqsilver/ConwayReactNative 0

conway implemented in react native

jqsilver/HubCompareTest 0

a minimal repository to test hub compare

jqsilver/lottie-ios 0

An iOS library to natively render After Effects vector animations

jqsilver/modelgen 0

generating swift model objects and json-to-model functions

jqsilver/Modelizer 0

draft blog post about custom Alamofire serializers in Swift

issue openedrealm/SwiftLint

Please create a new release version

While using the latest release, version 0.39.2, I encountered the issues fixed in

Concretely, in a file that only referenced DispatchQueue, the unused_import rule would remove import Foundation but not replace it with import Dispatch.

I can update my repository to use a build from master, but it would be great to use a release version instead.

created time in 18 days