joshuaalm/graylog_barracuda 2

barracuda graylog

joshuaalm/Brain-Drain 1

Brain Drain game for MIT VR Hackathon

joshuaalm/aframe 0

A web framework for building virtual reality experiences.

joshuaalm/blockly 0

The web-based visual programming editor.

joshuaalm/careers-in-code-classroom 0

Open source curriculum for Careers in Code built on Hugo and deployed on Netlify.

joshuaalm/careers-in-code-v2 0

A free 24 week coding bootcamp for women and minorities from distressed communities.

joshuaalm/code-editor 0

ICE Code Editor used in 3D Game Programming for Kids

joshuaalm/Computer-Programming-Curriculum 0

A very basic outline for CTE-based 2-year Computer Programming courses

joshuaalm/core 0

Cloud9 Core - Part of the Cloud9 SDK for Plugin Development


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