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Jonathan Ong jonathanonglq UC Berkeley Berkeley, California I am exceedingly excited about using big data to effect positive socioeconomic changes, and welcome any opportunities related to this field!

gdomnijl/music_segmentation 1

282 final project

jonathanonglq/Movie-Rating-Prediction-Using-Naive-Bayes 1

This project focuses on building a Naive Bayes classifier to classify movie reviews obtained from Rotten Tomatoes

jonathanonglq/anlp19 0

Course repo for Applied Natural Language Processing (Spring 2019)

jonathanonglq/Boston-Housing-Data-Exploratory-Data-Analysis 0

This project conducts EDA on the Boston Housing Data set and employs a range of techniques to predict house prices in Boston.

jonathanonglq/Chicago-Street-Safety-Rating-Prediction 0

This short clip demonstrates how our software categorizes the roads of Chicago into various risk bands for different times of the day, and different days of the week.

jonathanonglq/data-x 0

This repository is for the Data-X project materials

jonathanonglq/dataX-trafficPrediction-fall18 0

DataX Team 28 | Topic: Predicting Traffic Safety of Chicago Streets based on the frequency & severity of accidents

jonathanonglq/Faces-In-The-Wild-Unsupervised-Learning 0

This project implements a basic face recognition system by implementing the unsupervised k-means clustering algorithm from scratch.

jonathanonglq/govt-grant-api 0

RESTful API to identify groups eligible for various government grants

jonathanonglq/Gradient-Descent-and-Regression-Techniques 0

This project implements the gradient descent optimization algorithm from scratch and uses it to minimize the RMSE of regression models