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jfirebaugh/konacha 1066

Test your Rails application's JavaScript with the mocha test framework and chai assertion library

emilioforrer/haml_coffee_assets 445

Haml Coffee templates in the Rails asset pipeline or as Sprockets engine.

jfirebaugh/capybara-firebug 87

Provides a dead-simple way to run scenarios with Firebug enabled under the selenium driver

joliss/broccoli-coffee 19

CoffeeScript preprocessor for Broccoli

joliss/broccoli 14

Browser compilation library – an asset pipeline for applications that run in the browser

joliss/better-tweet-feed 13

Twitter web frontend running against the Twitter API

joliss/broccoli-es6-concatenator 12

Broccoli compiler to transpile and concatenate ES6 modules

broccolijs/broccoli-debug 10

Debugging tools for Broccoli

joliss/broccoli-bower 9

Load Bower packages into Broccoli

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the kdl document language

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Jo Liss

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Add note about WebAssembly

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