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jmar777/kwicks 331

Kwicks - sexy sliding panels for jQuery

jmar777/jquery.jade.js 43

Jade for jQuery is a lightweight jQuery plugin providing a friendly API for using the jade template engine.

jmar777/cb 33

A minimal node.js utility for handling common (but often overlooked) callback scenarios.

jmar777/connect-http-signature 6

Connect middleware wrapper for Joyent's HTTP Signature reference implementation

jmar777/fz 4

Fast, simple, fuzzy string searching for JavaScript.

jmar777/enterprise-css 2

Provides proven high performance, enterprise-level and scalable CSS tips and best practices.

bobwilliams/osx-usage-stats 1

MacOS X memory and application usage stats powered by TurbineDB

bobwilliams/vmstats-turbinedb 1

Logs data from the vm_stats command into turbinedb (

jmar777/advent-of-code-2019 1

Year 2019 solutions for

issue commentvideo-dev/hls.js

FFMEG | BIG mp4 file to part mp4

Please check out the hls_segment_type option in the documentation for the HLS muxer.

Specifically, you will need to include -hls_segment_type fmp4 in your options. Please note that if you care about the segment name, you can also include something like the following: -hls_segment_filename 'my-segment-name-%d.m4s'.

Hope that helps!


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