jlhawn/dockramp 263

A Client Driven Docker Image Builder

jlhawn/docker 5

Docker - the open-source application container engine

jlhawn/go-crypto 5

A Subset of the Go `crypto` Package with a Resumable Hash Interface

jlhawn/blobstore 3

A local blob storage system to be used by Docker 1.x

copacetic/Prisoners-Dilemma 1

A tournament for the iterated prisoner's dilemma game.

jlhawn/covid-19-sim 1

Infection Simulator for COVID-19 Using Realistic Physics

adfernandes/tarsum-v1-collision 0

Trivial TarSum Collision Demo Due to Extended Attribute Handling

jlhawn/cid 0

Container Image Distribution

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A naive economics and land use simulator.

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