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Joe Knudsen jknudsen Groovy and Grails 2 and 3 Developer

jknudsen/aws-codedeploy-sample-tomcat 0

A sample Tomcat application integrated with CodeDeploy.

jknudsen/bug327 0

Grails Issue for 3.2.7

jknudsen/grails-core 0

The Grails Web Application Framework

jknudsen/grails-doc 0

Documentation Project For The Grails Web Application Framework

jknudsen/grails-spring-security-core 0

Grails Spring Security Core Plugin

jknudsen/infrastructure-class 0

UST SEIS 665 DevOps & Cloud Infrastructure Curriculum

jknudsen/testspp 0

Test Project for Spring Security Issues

jknudsen/timelined 0

A customizable CSS-only vertical timeline