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jina-ai/jina 2485

An easier way to build neural search on the cloud

jina-ai/examples 183

Jina examples and demos to help you get started

jina-ai/jinabox.js 182

A lightweight, customizable omnibox in Javascript, for use with a Jina backend.

jina-ai/jina-hub 69

An open-registry for hosting Jina executors via container images

jina-ai/dashboard 59

Interactive UI for analyzing Jina logs, designing Flows and viewing Hub images

jina-ai/action-hub-builder 10

Simple interface for building & validating Jina Hub executors.

jina-ai/docs 6

Jina docs, updated on every new master of jina-ai/jina

jina-ai/ 2

Homepage of Jina AI Limited

jina-ai/jinad 2

Management of Jina on remote