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gatsbyjs/gatsby 50598

Build blazing fast, modern apps and websites with React

jeddeloh/rescript-apollo-client 91

ReScript bindings for the Apollo Client ecosystem

jfrolich/authorize 88

Rule based authorization for Elixir

jfrolich/appCrawler 2

A simple crawler that exhaustively crawles every link on the google app store, and saves the metadata of the applications for analysis.

jfrolich/babel-plugin-styled-object-to-template 1

Babel plugin to transpile object styles to template literal

jfrolich/absinthe 0

The GraphQL toolkit for Elixir


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issue openedreasonml-community/graphql-ppx

Error while running external preprocessor

I'm getting a compilation error to do with the PPX when I try follow the getting started guide for rescript-urql. The query looks fine to me (copy-pasted the whole example module) so not sure why it won't compile. I first raised this issue in that repo but was directed here instead.

Can confirm that my graphql_schema.json and bsconfig.json files are valid JSON.

Here's the command line output (on Windows; same thing happens on WSL):

>>>> Start compiling 
rescript: [1/3] src/utility/GraphQL.ast
FAILED: src/utility/GraphQL.ast
Fatal error: exception Yojson.Json_error("Line 1, bytes 0-33:\nInvalid token '\255\254{\000\r\000\n\000 \000 \000\"\000_\000_\000s\000c\000h\000e\000m\000a\000\"\000:'")

  We've found a bug for you!

  Error while running external preprocessor
Command line: C:\programming\mem\node_modules\@reasonml-community\graphql-ppx\ppx "C:\Users\samw\AppData\Local\Temp\ppxd9e1a1GraphQL.res" "C:\Users\samw\AppData\Local\Temp\ppxe67fe2GraphQL.res"

FAILED: cannot make progress due to previous errors.
>>>> Finish compiling(exit: 1)

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created repositoryjonludlam/odoc-parser-test

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release facebook/flow


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fork jsjoeio/teeny-request

Like request, but tiny. Fetch under the hood.

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release ocaml-ppx/ppxlib


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issue openedrescript-lang/syntax

Inconsistent formatting behavior with Fragments

Consider this example:

type route = A | B

let make = (~route: route) =>
  switch route {
  | A =>
    <div> // div tag moves to the next line (as I would expect)
      <div> {React.string("First A div")} </div>
      <div> {React.string("Second A div")} </div>
  | B => <> // fragment tag stays in the same line
      <div> {React.string("First B div")} </div>
      <div> {React.string("Second B div")} </div>

Playground link

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fork idkjs/sexplib0

Library containing the definition of S-expressions and some base converters

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fork idkjs/tezos_stats

tzStats backend + frontend

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fork idkjs/bs-ocplib-json-typed

Libraries for reliable manipulation JSON objects.

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fork idkjs/jsonm

Non-blocking streaming JSON codec for OCaml

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fork idkjs/

A free (as in freedom) OCaml textbook

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fork idkjs/uutf

Non-blocking streaming Unicode codec for OCaml

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