Jesse Cordeiro jessecordeiro @Twilio Toronto, Ontario Formerly @mongodb

jessecordeiro/youtube-trending-videos-scraper 15

A scraper for videos that are trending on YouTube (

request-factory/request-factory 8

Cross-platform API-client made for mobile (iOS/Android)

jessecordeiro/chatr-web-client 2

Chatr is an application intended to provide teams with a simple and lightweight platform for real-time messaging

jessecordeiro/UofT-Course-API 2

An API wrapper written with Node.js that enables developers to easily interact with the University of Toronto's API to display course information.

jessecordeiro/cat-facts 1

An Android application to display interesting facts about cats.

jessecordeiro/file-sync 1

Multi-process program to simplify file synchronization across a client and server.

jessecordeiro/ride-sharing-simulation 1

The simulation can measure what affects rider waiting times and driver earnings. It will monitor all appropriate events: riders requesting rides, being picked up (or possibly cancelling first), then being dropped off; and drivers requesting to be assigned riders.

jessecordeiro/AtlasOfWorlds 0

A tool for Path of Exile, an online Action RPG

jessecordeiro/automated-puzzle-solving 0

Puzzle solving is a typically a human activity that, in recent decades, is being explored in the context of computers. There are two benefits to this: first, we can off-load some puzzle-solving tasks to computers, and second, we may understand human puzzle-solving better by studying how to implement it on a computer.

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Automatically cordon and drain Kubernetes nodes based on node conditions

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