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inders/storm-nodejs-redis-realtime-analytics 31

Showcase real time analytics using Storm, Node.js, Redis, and twitter streaming api

jdhok/diypercolate 3

DIY Percolator using Lucene MemoryIndex

jdhok/BlenderSFM 0

An add-on for Blender that provides an easy way to create meshes from multiple photographs

jdhok/camus 0

Mirror of Linkedin's Camus

jdhok/grill 0

Personal fork of InMobi/gril

jdhok/hive 0

Personal fork of InMobi's Hive fork

jdhok/imagehash 0

A Python Perceptual Image Hashing Module

jdhok/incubator-gossip 0

Mirror of Apache Gossip Incubator

jdhok/incubator-lens 0

Mirror of Apache Lens