jblock/KinectDAQ 3

Using the Kinect's sensors to determine the velocity of a moving object

cmuellerrr/NSHWall 2

An interactive display to showcase projects/people/stuff outside the Robotics Intitute.

jblock/AudioSphere 1

CSSE351 (Computer Graphics) Final Project -- Jason Block, Doug Mann, and Brian Sherman

jblock/MotorController 1

Arduino sketch to read sensor data from photogates and oscillate a conveyor belt.

jblock/react-coffee-brunch 1

Adds React.js support to brunch.

jblock/react-webpack-playground 1

Fun times with React, Webpack, and maybe some Flux?

jblock/babel-brunch 0

Brunch plugin for Babel

jblock/coffee-script-brunch 0

Adds CoffeeScript support to brunch


started time in 2 months