fgeorgatos/easybuild.experimental 10

This repository is for easybuild open source contributions without restrictions - add your username under the /users directory

jaspervdj/copypasta 4

A source we can copy-paste from during programming contests.

javache/ChatHammer-9000 3

ChatHammer 9000, lovingly called CH9K, was our project for Software Engineering II at Ghent University

javache/rubycas-client-rails 3

Rails plugin for the RubyCAS-Client

jaspervdj/AstroBot 2

Software Design I Project

javache/GIF87a 2

Small project for a university course on functional and logical programming languages

javache/secure-exam-exchange 2

Project informatiebeveiling 2012

javache/TwitterCamp 2

A fork of the TwitterCamp project for BarCamp Ghent

javache/AstroBot 1

Software Design I Project