James Pepplinkhouse jamespepplinkhouse Codafication Brisbane, Australia I'm a passionate CTO and software engineer specialising in performance optimisation, solution architecture, web development and working with agile teams.

jamespepplinkhouse/postgres-large-files-prototype 2

Test postgres LFS transactions under load and bad conditions from Node.js

jamespepplinkhouse/creditcardchecker 0

A multi-process, bulk credit-card parser written with Node.js.

jamespepplinkhouse/creditcardchecker-elixir 0

Credit Card Checker written with Elixir

jamespepplinkhouse/roomservice-rust 0

WIP of the rust re-write of roomservice so others can help out

jamespepplinkhouse/sql-default-transaction-isolation 0

Demonstration of how the default SQL transaction isolation handling differences between Postgres and MySQL will affect your app


started time in 3 months