James Pearce jamesgpearce Facebook Palo Alto, California

jamesgpearce/confess 891

Uses PhantomJS to headlessly analyze web pages and generate manifests.

jamesgpearce/modernizr-server 224

The modernizr-server library is a way to bring Modernizr browser data to your server scripting environment. PHP currently supported, but other server-side environments to come (and subject to demand!)

jamesgpearce/foxjs 122

fox.js allows you to use ASCII-art to create grid layouts in JavaScript.

jamesgpearce/compios5 47

A web-based compass application for iOS5 devices

jamesgpearce/monomi 44

Middleware for node.js/Connect that provides tools for handling mobile (and other types of) browsers.

jamesgpearce/nashville 17

An app of bars, restaurants and hotels in Nashville TN. Yelp throughput permitting, you can try it out (with a WebKit browser) at ...

jamesgpearce/gumstogram 8

A web-based photo app in 100 lines or less - and which currently requires Opera 12 (preferably Mobile) to fire up getUserMedia. Got it already? Hit the URL below.