Ben-G/Meet 72

[⚠️ DEPRECATED] An iOS Application Built with Swift Flow

jakecraige/ember-cli-cordova-example-app 40

An example app showing some features of ember-cli-cordova

jakecraige/ember-phonecat 6

a phonecat clone in emberjs

jakecraige/ember-cli-hoodie-example 4

Demo ember-cli app using as the backend

jakecraige/ember-cli-ionic-example 2

Example app using ionic css with ember-cli

jakecraige/Botnet 1

Twitterish clone in iOS for thoughtbots (or anyone)

jakecraige/cryptostream 1

Cryptostream is gem designed to make getting a stream of blocks from arbitrary blockchains easy. Not production ready.

jakecraige/Agrume 0

A lemony fresh iOS image viewer written in Swift.

delete branch jakecraige/yubihsm-go

delete branch : jake/upstream-auth

delete time in 3 months