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klevison/KMAccordionTableViewController 139

Accordion UITableViewController component based on Apples's example. Swift version:

jairobjunior/ 14

Project was used as a sample of the post How to Rotate Only One View Controller to Landscape Orientation in iOS Swift -

jairobjunior/Ocypode 3

[DEPRECATED] Ocypode is a collection of libraries useful for Android developers, making developing mobile apps easier.

jairobjunior/Catfish 2

[DEPRECATED] Catfish is a collection of libraries and categories useful for iOS developers, making developing mobile apps easier.

jairobjunior/flexmojos 1

A collection of maven goals to allow maven to compile, optimize, and test Flex SWF, Flex SWC, Air SWF, Air SWC and Air package

jairobjunior/ 0

My personal blog in English

jairobjunior/ 0

Meu blog em Português

jairobjunior/cms_framework 0

Framework em php para criação de sites da Sook.

jairobjunior/CoreBluetooth-Demo 0

New iOS5 framework to connect with Low-Energy devices. Actually this framework cannot connect with "traditional" bluetooth devices, iPhone4S will have a "switcher" that will allow to connect LE-devices and "tradicional" bluetooth devices.


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