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honza/vim-snippets 4004

vim-snipmate default snippets (Previously snipmate-snippets)

franzejr/best-ruby 2350

Ruby Tricks, Idiomatic Ruby, Refactoring and Best Practices

edgurgel/poxa 927

Pusher server implementation compatible with Pusher client libraries.

iurifq/comredis 29

Your comrade for Redis command generation in Elixir.

iurifq/vim-files 14

My vim-files

iurifq/ctrlp-rails.vim 9

ctrlp.vim extension to Rails apps

iurifq/pronto-dialyzer 6

A Pronto runner for Dialyzer

iurifq/brook 4

A simple BitTorrent client written in elixir

iurifq/pronto-dogma 4

A Pronto runner for Dogma

iurifq/nook_xkcd 3

Perl script to generate xkcd screensavers for Nook Simple Touch Reader