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I am having an issue with installing Xcode 11 Beta. When installing, I get Warning: Transient problem: FTP error Will retry in 1 seconds. 3 retries left. Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 7 31 07 PM I am currently using 2.5.0. If I install it manually from the download page, it works fine.


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Did some digging on issues installing the new Xcode 11 beta...

The Xcode 11 beta application bundle has some invalid symlinks that do not pass sptctl -assess (triggered by the verify_app_security_assessment method).

I verified an un-xip'd bundle from Apple:

$ /usr/sbin/spctl --assess --verbose=4 --type execute rejected (invalid destination for symbolic link in bundle)
override=security disabled
origin=Software Signing

upon this failure, xcode-install will delete the copied bundle (see from it's destination folder (/Applications/).

I deleted broken symlinks in the bundle:

$ find . -type l ! -exec test -e {} \; -delete

and re-ran:

$ /usr/sbin/spctl --assess --verbose=4 --type execute accepted
override=security disabled

So the only real option (other than "cleaning" the bundle when installing) would be to skip the verify_app_security_assessment method based on some install options or if the Xcode is a beta. @KrauseFx @segiddins @jpsim would you be open to a PR with this behavior to unblock beta installs?

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