Ask questionsPossible to use swc with / for eslint?

eslint is a big part of our largest project's build times and it's currently configured to use babel-parser.

To get rid of babel entirely it'd be nice to be able to get eslint to use swc somehow:

On an unrelated note, with swc 1.0.21 the project finally builds and seems to mostly work (I haven't looked to closely yet). Thank you for your hard work and the quick responses to bug reports, it's much appreciated!


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I just tried but it seems eslint is expecting something a little bit different than the format returned by

exports.parse = function(str, opts) {
  return {
    ast: require('@swc/core').parseSync(str.toString(), {})

EDIT2: this is what eslint expects:

To test with eslint, just create a swcparser.js file at the root of your project, then put this into your project's .eslintrc:

{"parser": "./swcparser.js"}

Then to debug,

DEBUG=eslint:* eslint somefile.js

Using @swc/core 1.1.6 and eslint 6.7.2:

echo "var a = 1;" | eslint --stdin
  eslint:linter Parsing error: AST is missing the tokens array.
  eslint:linter Error: AST is missing the tokens array.

as expected, since the tokens array is indeed not where it is supposed to be.

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