Ask questions[Question] Helmfile tries to render values files

I recently noticed that helmfile tries to render Helm values files, while it should not.

For example, I have defined this release:

    - name: prometheus
        tier: ci
        app: prometheus
      namespace: monitoring
      chart: stable/prometheus
        - helm_vars/prod/prometheus/values.yml
        - helm_vars/prod/prometheus/secrets.yaml

and it fails with err: release "prometheus" in "helmfile.yaml" failed: failed to render [/Users/amgk/src/], because of template: stringTemplate:27: undefined variable "$labels"

while usual helm-wrapper invocation works fine:

helm-wrapper upgrade --install --reset-values prometheus stable/prometheus --namespace monitoring --values /Users/amgk/src/ --values /Users/amgk/src/

/Users/amgk/src/ indeed contains not a proper Go template, but Helm files should not contain them, right? Or I simply miss something obvious here?


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Facing exact same error with Helmfile v0.121.1.

In this case, the error

  Error: parse error at (prometheus-operator/templates/helmx.all.yaml:1665): undefined variable "$labels"

only shows up if I attempt to specify a patch for the prometheus-operator chart, like so:

- name: prometheus-operator
  chart: plaid/prometheus-operator
  namespace: monitoring
  - target:
      version: v1
      kind: PrometheusRule
      name: prometheus-operator-kubernetes-apps
      namespace: monitoring
    - op: replace
      path: /spec/groups/0/rules/0/for
      value: 1h

I think this is because all the manifests are merged into one file, and kustomize (?) then runs on it, thinking it's a go template.

The line where the error points is this:

        message: The configuration of the instances of the Alertmanager cluster `{{$labels.service}}` are out of sync.

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