Ask questionsChangelog proposal: Paginated logs, one page for each version.

The changelog page is getting way too long, which isn't a huge problem, but I guess this could be a minor improvement:

Using pagination, one page for each (minor, or major, I'd suggest minor) version, with an index of versions on the first page, so people can search for the version they want to read, or just see the latest one (probably the one people want to see most commonly) on the first page.

I can make this if everyone agrees to the change.


Answer questions Poopooracoocoo

@Metsuryu You still down to make a PR? :D

How would you do it? I'm a total noob and could just about make the website use css instead of images lol, so I'm really curious. I only used devtools.

I think showing the changelogs of the latest release and an index is the way to go. (but does my opinion matter?)

Instead a page for each version, there's the alternative of a page containing 10 releases, or the alternative of collapsing releases other than the latest release (like github's details). But these two alternatives aren't as nice as what you suggested above IMO.

I also wonder why #72 was not merged. It'd have to be rebased now I think.


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