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thanks for the great app! I am using it now since a long time on a daily basis. On my setup I have different calendars for different types of things like "Private", "Work", "Birthdays" and one is called "ToDo". The last one is the only one where I store tasks.

When I am in the Tasks app, I see all my calendars on the left hand side, but I only need the "ToDo" calendar. It would be an awesome feature (from my perspective) if I could hide other calendars there.

Keep up your great work!

Jan :-)


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If you import an ics file, it is in nextcloud created at this time, so why not remove unnecessary VTODO if importing a normal calendar (or if importing a tasks calendar VEVENTs) before creating those inside the database?

Please no, VTODO are a part of the ics specification, and even if fullcalendar does not yet display those (they should), Nextcloud correctly keep those. Hence, complete PIM app like korganizer can still use NC to synchronize events and tasks between devices.

So please, do not remove VTODO when importing ics files ; if they are in the file, keep those. There are their for a reason. If you don't want those, just remove them beforehand with sed!


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