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We are new to nextcloud so I apologize if I'm missing the obvious.

Is there a way to configure the Calendar App? I'm thinking of options like:

  • week starts with a Monday / Sunday
  • show week with/without Saturday and/or Sunday
  • font sizes / scaling

Where could I set such things up? If all of this is hard-coded, I would kindly ask to consider this as a possible future feature.


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show week with/without Saturday and/or Sunday What's the use-case here? Seems like a very special use-case ...

This is in fact pretty common. For instance lots of doctors work from monday to saturday, and hence needs to be able to view only those days, and not sunday. As a student, I too worked from monday to saturday, so there is that too :)

Is it possible currently to hide sundays only?

EDIT: Apparently fullcalendar allows hiding any days (per there doc). I guess I'll add that setting in my manual editing of the minified js (alongside minTime and maxTime that are not configurable either)!


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