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The calendar, especially in month view, displays an awful lot of information. Therefore it is crucial that the information can be read clearly.

Currently, I can only tune the colours for the events. Depending on the colour, the event text is shown in black or white. This decision is not always optimal, personally I would like some blacks to be white and vice versa. This may, however, be related to the choice of the font used to display the event texts. I seem to have no control over that either.

So to be able to improve the readability, I would like to propose a way to select the fonts used, and a checkbox to toggle black/white rendering.



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you should do like some other calendars ...

Please name some (even one!) that can match NC calendar.

Korganizer allows to select any color you want for each categories (and calendars too, letting the user to choose how to display those in different views): 2020-07-14_121940_Screenshot

Korganizer does not allow the user to choose the text color, but that's has never been a problem (or needed) since it automatically calculates the best contrast using a similar feature mentioned above: korganizer


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