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Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. This is loosely connected to #39

Describe the solution you'd like All events which are marked as "free" should be shown differently. Possible solutions are:

  • pale colour (increase brightness by X %)
  • marked on the side (the Outlook way, see below)
  • (other ideas are appreciated)

This is how MS Outlook 2016 shows free/busy: grafik

Describe alternatives you've considered see above

Additional context "Free" events are often over a long time, e.g. "Car is being repaired" which spans from 9 am to 4 pm. However, this does not mean the user is blocked during this time. Therefore, it should be marked clearly as "free" and this should be visible on the overview (monthly view, weekly view, ...)


Answer questions AlexandreBonneau

With pale colors, you risk getting colors similar to other calendars/categories. I think it would be better to find another way to distinguish busy and free events, for instance you could:

  • change the free event text to italic perhaps, or
  • make the background transparent so you could see the hours lines behind, or
  • change the border color to a grey color

Another solution for 'free' events could be that they span the whole time interval, but in the background so that other 'busy' event are shown on top of it.


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