Ask questionsRearrange calendars by visibility, improve sidebar for user with many calendars

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Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. Users can hide calendars but can't hide them from the list on the left. In my setup Users have in average 20-25 calendars (mostly shared) that they need to be to access sometimes.

Screenshot 2020-05-04 at 17 36 49

Describe the solution you'd like Shift all hidden calendars to the bottom of the list. This allows user to access and enable them if needed but otherwise they don't obstruct the list/view.

Describe alternatives you've considered Can't think of a different or more easy way to make the list easier to use if you have more than 10 calendars.

Additional context Calendar names hidden for privacy.


Answer questions AlexandreBonneau

Yeah, seems a bad idea too from my POV.

It would be more interesting to study these kind of cases to see why people use so many calendars (definitely not the first issue where this is bothering me) and how some sharing options or workflows can be improved.

I think people are using that many calendars because Google (and some other major players) ignored RFC 5545, section about categories. Since colors helps a lot getting a visual cue about what events are planned in a given day/week/month, lots of people now rely on having one calendar for each 'category', whilst they should really add category(ies) to events instead (see the fullcalendar issue about that).

About improving the sidebar for user with many calendars, perhaps being able to hide it would be a first step (hide the sidebar so more space is shown for the events, but still get access to the week dropdown).


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