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Howdie, love your work, and just stumbled across this which also looks awesome :)

I use prettier with JavaScript, and cargo fmt with Rust, and they both automatically (and consistently) break up long lines

Example func:

func somethingTooLong(ctx context.Context, longArgument string, anotherOne func(time.Duration) bool) (int, error) {
	// foo
func somethingTooLong(
	ctx context.Context,
	longArgument string,
	anotherOne func(time.Duration) bool
) (int, error) {
	// foo

gofmt doesn't do this, but it also doesn't undo it where I've done this manually, so at least this particular example is gofmt-compatible


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Agreed, something about putting the second condition on the next line right next to the if body irks me a bit

prettier turns this:

if (isThisAReallyLongVariableName === 123 && doReallyLongNamedCheck() === true) {
  return true

into this:

if (
  isThisAReallyLongVariableName === 123 &&
  doReallyLongNamedCheck() === true
) {
  return true;

which works for me, but only because of the way the parens are used here, which is optional and completely uncommon in Go code


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