Ask questionsLooking up 2FA codes (mobile) restarts Fenix pair workflow


It is difficult to add new devices to an FxA account with 2FA since the process often restarts when switching mobile apps to check 2FA codes.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Have 2FA on FxA account
  2. Install Fenix on device
  3. Try to log-in to sync in Fenix
  4. Visit on desktop
  5. Scan QR code
  6. See desktop prompts for 2FA code
  7. Look up 2FA code on mobile
  8. Launch Fenix again to continue

Expected result

Either should not ask for 2FA before the mobile device confirms, or reloading Fenix from launcher should provide the confirm button again.

Actual result

Sync process starts all over and a new QR code and 2FA code are needed. Workaround is press confirm on mobile before following the 2FA steps on desktop.


Firefox Preview Nightly on Android; Firefox Nightly on Win10

┆Issue is synchronized with this Jira Task ┆Issue Number: FXA-1312


Answer questions moztcampbell

This is still a problem. Adding mobile devices to FxA still has a lot hurdles if 2FA is enabled.

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