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I have been using QText for quite some time (since version 2.32) and I am curious- what is QTextEx- QText rewritten on C++? Does it have more feature? Would QTextEx replace QText in the future or the two programs would be developed independently? Are there any compiled binaries for testing?



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QTextEx is probably what's going to be QText 5.00 once I am done with it. However, it's really early in development and while basic functions work there is a lot of things that don't. For example, no rich text support, no file change detection, no proper settings GUI, doesn't play nice with DropBox, etc.

I plan to add missing features eventually but that highly depends on my free time and there is not enough of it to go around :(.

If you are interested in using QText on Linux computer, you can download it from my Linux repository. If you have Windows I would recommend staying with QText for now and I can keep you in mind for eventual beta test.

Thanks for interest!


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