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Mac users warning : currently the addon does not work on Mac with Blender 2.80 to 2.82. Please do not report the issue here. It's already solved with Blender 2.83. -->

Blender and OS versions

Blender 2.92 Windows 10 & Ubuntu 20.04 <!-- Tag here which version of Blender you are using and what's your operating system.-->

Describe the bug

When "separate objects" is selected in Get OSM, blender becomes no responsive. <!-- A clear and concise description of what the bug is. -->

How to Reproduce

As per workflow demo, import basemap (select a city), import SRTM data. Go to "Get OSM", Select "Ways", and checked "separate objects". No need to select anything else (but optionally, just select buildings for the test) Blender will become non-responsive.

Windows: Let it run, and eventually will crash Windows and reboot. While blender is non-responsive, CPU usage is low, didn't observe any growth in memory usage. Linux: One CPU core at 100%, from the terminal window it shows "INFO:BlenderGIS-225.operators.io_import_osm:Overpass query successful" and blender becomes non-responsive <!-- Steps, to reproduce the behavior. Screencasts or screenshots welcome -->

Error message

No error message or crash report. Windows: OS will eventually crash and reboot itself after a few hours. Nothing special logged in System Event Log Linux: Just keeps running until blender process is killed. <!--If the addon crash, report here the complete error message reported in the logs-->


Answer questions Derek-K

It is similar to #473 but I was able to import all buildings as a single object if "separate objects" is not selected.

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